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I've been truly fortunate to call various countries my home and showcase my artwork there. The picturesque landscapes that envelop me never fail to ignite my creative spark.
There's something almost magical about the way light can utterly transform a landscape in the blink of an eye.
My lifelong mission has been to capture that essence, to freeze those fleeting moments on my canvas.
Over the past two years I've found myself nestled in the heart of Norfolk, and this place has become my artistic muse. The vast, open skies and the tranquil countryside have seeped into my work, infusing it with a sense of serenity and calm that I hold dear.
What's interesting is that I used to work in the healing arts many moons ago. And, the tranquility and inner peace I used to help others find have now become the cornerstone of my art.

Through my creations, I hope to offer a slice of solace, a little hideaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. When you gaze upon my artwork, my wish is for you to imagine stepping into a dreamy sanctuary—a cozy escape where happiness resides.

Surrounding ourselves with pieces that pay homage to the natural world serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and reconnect with our inner equilibrium.
When I paint, I love working with oil and beeswax on paper, wood panels, and canvas. It's like a spontaneous dance where my brush waltzes and the paint pirouettes, capturing movement and life in every stroke.
To give each artwork that special touch, I finish them off with a meticulous beeswax coating. This not only preserves their beauty but also adds an extra dimension to the interplay of light within each piece.
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When you purchase an original piece of art you are guaranteed that the original will be delivered to you according to the calibrated system the artist uses to produce and display work as accurately as possible on-line. . ..

I want you to love my work as much as I have loved painting it . If you are unhappy with your choice of painting please contact me I I will always be happy to help you .
I always send my artwork out to my customers as quickly as I can after receiving an order.
You can usually expect to receive your artwork within 14 days of your purchase.
If you need it quicker than this please contact me and I will do my best to get it to you as soon as possible. 
Sadly I can no longer ship my painting outside of the UK  .
if you would like one of my prints I would be happy to have this sent to you .

 As I work with many clients both professional and private . I understand how important having art can be in any space. It's important that the art gives a place within a room to relax the mind. I love having Susan's painting in the spaces I design because they are full of layers and layers of Subtle colors and textures. They give a feeling of calm and tranquility but can look different every time you see them especially in different lights. I hoped to continue acquiring her work for myself and my clients for many years to come. 

Jenny Morgan
Interior Designer

 We are very happy with the paintings we bought from Susan .we were nervous about buying paintings over the internet for our new house without seeing them. Susan Made everything very easy and we were very happy when they arrived. I have recommended her to lots of my friends are we all love her artwork. 

Sally Kent.

 This is air first piece of original art and was brought for us as a wedding present. We already had 3 of Susan's beautiful prints but were excited to be able to add to these with our new oil painting. Very happy newlyweds 🥹😆 

Amy And John Hope
Happy customer's

 I went to Susan with a small group of women for some art classes. She is an amazing teacher and made all the lessons so much fun. We coved so many different ways of making lovely art. I have now started making art for my friends and family. I never thought that this was something that I could do before. 

Jessica Cooper

 Susan is an outstanding instructor who provided well-designed and well structured classes but still felt like lots of fun.Her experiences and wealth of knowledge will motivate you to explore and create regardless of your previous experience and knowledge in art. 

Karen Burd

 As someone who collaborates with numerous clients, both in the professional and private spheres, I truly grasp the significance of incorporating art into any environment. The ability of art to create a soothing atmosphere within a room cannot be overstated. Susan Colours' paintings have become an indispensable element in the spaces I curate. What I adore most is their power to evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility. It's truly amazing how they metamorphose under varying lights, presenting a fresh perspective with every viewing. I'm excited about the prospect of adding more of Susan's creations to my collection, enriching both my personal spaces and those of my clients. Her work is bound to continue enchanting us for years to come. 

Paul Gundry Interiors London
Contemporary Interiors